All New Glow-in-the-Dark Side Markers & More…

See in the Dark

Here at Gimenez Guitars we are always looking to better the playing experience for each and every artist. That’s why we are now offering our already stellar neck design with stainless steel frets,  as well as glow-in-the-dark side markers. Perfect for those dark stages.

In addition to these upgrades, we are continuing to provide our necks with the standard two-way truss rods, as well as two graphite rods for added stability and sustain. Also our slippery graphite nuts are now made extra slippery with the infusion of Teflon. This virtually eliminates string pinch and adds to the tuning stability of our guitars.

Glow in the dark side markers
Glow in the dark side markers in the dark

More Neck Innovations

But wait! Our top-of-the-line standard features of our Sinner and Saint don’t end there. Because of our unique reverse-string design (we think everyone else is reversed, by the way) we can add a tilted headstock of only 9° with an added volute for the ultimate in headstock strength. This makes in nearly impossible for a Gimenez Guitar neck to break. Unlike guitars made by companies who have refused to address this issue.

We trust you will agree that Gimenez Guitars are not only beautiful instruments, but functional and well designed for the musician who cares about their craft. Just ask Gimenez Guitars artists, Mark Bowers of Kool And The Gang and The Manhattans, as well as a Back Street Boys backing guitarist; Phil Bellia of Hi-Def; Alex Gil of Kore Rozzik; and Frank Guy of For The Kill.

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