Bert Pallini

Bert Pallini is a Long Island guitar player who currently plays with the 80’s tribute act, Guilty Pleasures. Bert’s note-for-note recreation of all the well-known and favorite 80’s songs makes Guilty Pleasures a must see for all 80’s fans. Taking influence from such guitar players as Edward Van Halen, Vivian Campbell, Ace Frehley, George Lynch, Tommy Shaw and James Young, Bert has a style that mixes equal parts feel, emotion and flash. Bert’s philosophy on being a good guitarist is to make the audience both feel and believe every single note played, and just like the great prize fighters did, as soon as the time is right knock them out with jaw-dropping technique and flash.

The stage is where Bert is most at home, playing the most well known stages throughout the country, from the famous clubs on the Sunset Strip to all the great New York venues. Besides his own bands, Bert’s ability to play everything from classical guitar to rock, pop and even country, makes him sought after both on stage and in the studio. He can often be seen sitting in with other bands and heard on many different artists’ recordings.

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