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At Gimenez Guitars, we focus on quality during every step of our manufacturing process. From the woods we select to the electronics we install, every component contributes to make a Gimenez one of the finest instruments you’ll likely ever play.

Gimenez Guitars are made with solid maple bodies and American hard rock maple necks. We believe that in order to realize the most sustain from a guitar, the neck and body woods need to be of the same grain.

Guitar neck fit to body

The joint between the neck and body also adds to the sustain. Each component of hardware on our guitars are "press-fit". In other words, there is full surface contact between every part that is used. This measure increases the sustain without having to add unwanted, neck-breaking weight to the guitar.

With a reasonable 1.5" body thickness and a 14" fingerboard radius, playability and comfort is truly unmatched.

Componentry is also top tier. Schaller solid brass roller bridges and Schaller locking tuners give the Gimenez great tone and reliability.

Quality continues with the neck. Slim, D-shaped back and 14" fingerboard radius makes our guitars a pleasure to play. Neck stability is enhanced with our dual-directional truss rod, as well as two carbon fiber rods that run the length of the neck. Finally, the neck is press-fit into the pocket and bolted to the body using 5 (not 4 like the other guys) counter-sunk screws.

Electronics are by EMG, who've been producing quality pickups for decades. Gimenez uses EMG's passive pickup lineup with their warm Alnico magnet H1A's and ceramic magnet H3's for a more aggressive tone. Other pickup combinations are available but these are our go-to standards.

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