About Gimenez Guitars

Consider this an Introduction & a Mission Statement

Who do we think we are? Are we insane? (Well, maybe a little.) Why in the world would we get into a business where there are so many old-timers, so many traditions, so many purists? Simple. Because this is music. No, it’s more than that. This is rock & roll! And rock is about diversity. Not conservatism. It’s about expanding horizons, testing boundaries, fearlessly going where others never thought to go. Rock has never been about doing what’s already been done. And neither is Gimenez Guitars.

We’re a brand new company. Only been around since late October of ’14. But we’re gonna start making some noise. And we’re starting right here on our home turf of Long Island and New York City. We’ve already begun road testing our first prototypes and now we’re developing new versions that will ultimately become our first production model. You’re going to be seeing (and hearing) quite a bit from us over the next few months. Our goal is twofold: to build a guitar guitarist love to play and to help NYC and Long Island bands get heard. We want to work with local working musicians like you to get your feedback as we refine our axe. In turn, we’ll use our website and social media channels to draw more attention to your music. Together we’ll keep the local music scene alive and hopefully get people excited about the talent here on Long Island.

If you want to talk more about how Gimenez Guitars can work with you please don’t hesitate to contact us. Let’s make some noise! \m/

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