EMG H3 Passive Humbucking Pickup


This is the standard pickup used in all Gimenez Guitars Sinner models.

The H3 uses EMG’s pickup technology without sacrificing the presence and open sound of the best passive humbuckers. This model utilizes over wound coils and ceramic magnets, making it hotter than a traditional PAF. These design elements ensure that the tone is very well balanced, with a glassy, slightly scooped mid range and clear highs with great harmonics. In the neck position, this pickup shows a lot of single coil quality, providing a piano like tone on the E and A strings for rhythm playing. In the bridge position, the harmonics jump out and fill your guitar’s sounds with the full spectrum of mids, beautiful highs, and a solid low end. This model is suitable for many styles of music: classic rock, metal, punk, alternative, 50s… You name it, this pickup delivers.

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