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Today, we are going to highlight a couple of our favorite Gimenez guitarists, providing you with firsthand accounts of why true performers love playing a Gimenez.

Danny Jimenez

Danny is a born showman. Being a lead singer, rhythm and acoustic guitarist, and band leader is his passion. Having played countless corporate events, weddings, night clubs, and bars, Danny is well versed in entertainment and is known to deliver on every event. Having amazing range as a singer, Danny never says no to a request. “I live to entertain and make people happy. Nothing makes me happier than to deliver excellent results and make peoples special days perfect. I love making Memories!” Having the ability to calm client’s nerves and make lifelong connections is one of Danny’s greatest talents.

Danny Jimenez

Danny has been an avid player of Gimenez guitars for over 4 years. “There is not a finer guitar out there. From playability, tone, and stunning appearance, Gimenez Guitars are amazing.”

Danny has shared the stage with some amazing musicians and has been a part of notable bands such as:

  • The New York Phenoms
  • Creations wedding band- With the world-famous Kim Sozzi
  • Total Soul
  • Whatever
  • Phenomenon

Danny also has an accomplished Acoustic performance career and adds that to special events so that there is never a lack of music.

In his private life Danny is married to the love of his life and has two amazing kids. He is a dedicated coach who loves to be a positive influence in young people’s lives. He is a classically trained Chef and is currently the Food Service Director in a Hospital helping people receive excellent food.

Joe Catanese

Joe Catanese

My name is Joe Catanese. I have been playing guitar for 20 years. I am currently the lead vocalist/ rhythm guitarist for the band Mcband. Every guitar player looks for that sound, that feel and connection with every guitar they play. Gimenez Guitars is where it is at. Years ago, while in California about to play the Whiskey a Go Go, my friend Frank Guy of For the Kill kept talking about this guitar brand Gimenez Guitars from back home in Long Island. Saying how he’d get rid of everything he owned to grab one. So, I followed the Facebook page. I said tuners on the bottom? I watched what Dan had been creating for about two years. One day, Dan posted a picture of a flying v design. So, I immediately  messaged him, gave him my two cents not thinking he would respond. Within 30 minutes, we were spitting out ideas on the phone. Right there we became good friends over the Velina V. I could hear in his voice how passionate he was about building guitars, and I knew he was going to knock this out of the park. I recommended Randy Rhoads small wings and a v that would fit nicely into a Strat case. And one single humbucker, no tone, solely featuring a volume pot. Because let’s be honest, no one uses tone pots on a flying v. The flame maple top is thicker than any other brand out there, and it is the high-end sports car of guitars. Dan needed a name for this masterpiece, and I recommended my daughter’s name, Velina, not thinking it would take. But it was the same quick reaction of the name that happened with all the specs Dan came up with.

Any idea Dan or I had was easy to agree on. It was truly amazing talking to someone who had the same vision as what was in my head and on paper. It came out better than expected! I was so blown away about how my v played that I went to the local music store, All Music in Plainview, and traded three guitars for my Saint. The stability is incredible. When you play one it feels sturdy. It feels just how a guitar should be made. I am very honored to be a Gimenez artist. These guitars are the epitome of guitar craftsmanship. Get yourself one asap and I promise you’ll never put it down.

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