Celebrating National Guitar Day

It’s February 11th, which means that today is National Guitar Day in the United States. In honor of this underrated holiday, we’re going to delve into some of the historic events and innovations that eventually led to the inception of Gimenez Guitars.

Chordophones and the Spanish Guitar

A chordophone is used to describe a variety of instruments that created sound by vibrating strings which were pulled between two points. Appearing in Spain around 1200 A.D., the guitara Latina (Latin guitar) was a unique chordophone featuring fretted neck, wooden soundboard, and sides that curved inward. Although its inventor remains a mystery, this instrument is believed to be the root of the continuously expanding family tree of the guitar.

The Lute

A modification on the Arabian instrument known as the ‘ud, the lute gained notoriety during the 16th and 17th centuries throughout Europe. The lute featured six courses of strings, similar to the 12-string acoustic guitars we see today but with the top course having a single string. Unlike the standard E-A-D-G-B-E tuning that we’re familiar with, the classic form of this stringed instrument was tuned to G-C-F-A-D’-G’.  As a guitar luthier, I have the lute to thank for my prestigious job title.

Old fashioned lute guitar

The First Modern Acoustic Guitar

In the mid-1800s, Spanish guitar luthier Antonio Torres Jurado came up with some unique modifications on the classical guitar. The most significant feature was Jurado’s invention and implementation of the fan-braced pattern; this unique pattern of wooden reinforcements inside of the guitar ensured the instruments durability while giving it the tone that today’s acoustic guitars still possess.

The Electric Guitar

Orville Gibson, the original innovator of Gibson Guitars, crafted an archtop-designed guitar in 1894 which was comparable to a mandolin. This design eventually stemmed to the first electric guitar which is believed to have been invented in the 1930s by American musician and luthier, Paul H. Tutmarc. His inspiration? The interior schematics of early 20th century telephones.

Electric Guitar Innovation Continues at Gimenez Guitars

Since the inception of the electric guitar, there have been countless modifications, stylizations, and innovations created and implemented by guitar luthiers around the world. In 2014, Gimenez Guitars took its first steps into the industry with our unique take on this historic instrument. It’s now 2020, and Gimenez Guitars has continued to grow by providing the true guitarist with an instrument featuring one-of-a-kind tonality and a look to match.

Tune-On-The-Body Design

Gimenez Guitars signature models, the Sinner and the Saint, both feature a tune-on-the-body design you won’t find anywhere else. This optimizes the guitar’s balance and weight distribution while making it easy to modify your tuning while playing a set.

Custom Preloaded Pickguards

At Gimenez Guitars, we offer fully customizable preloaded/pre-wired pickguards. These plug-and-play pickguards are interchangeable for use on all Gimenez Guitar models. They’re perfect for playing a live set that includes songs featuring different guitar tonalities. All of the electronics, including your pickups of choice, are wired directly into all our custom pickguards making it easy to switch between multiple setups.

At Gimenez Guitars, everyday is National Guitar Day!

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