Now Carrying All Your Guitar Needs

At Gimenez Guitars, we’re mostly known for our unique take on electric guitar craftsmanship and styling. But did you know that we also carry a full line of guitar products and accessories from some of the most trusted brands in the industry?

EMG & Jalen Electric Guitar Pickups

Gimenez Guitars flagship models, the Sinner and the Saint, initially came stocked with EMG’s H1A or H3 passive humbucking pickups. And many of them still do; but as we’ve continued to expand, we’ve also been actively listening to our customers’ specific needs. Every guitar player has his or her own unique sound they strive to achieve, and our goal is to help them attain it. That’s why we now offer additional premium guitar pickups from EMG. The Gimenez Guitars team can work with you to customize your Gimenez and build your guitar with the pickups requested. But if you’re only in need of the pickup itself, we also sell them individually.

EMG Pickups We Carry

EMG H1A Passive Humbucking Pickup
H1A Passive Humbucker
EMG H2A Pickups with Alnico V Magnets
H2A Pickups with Alcino V Magnets
EMG H3 Passive Humbucking Pickups
H3 Passive Humbucker
EMG H3A Pickups with Alnico V Magnets
H3A Pickups with Alcino V Magnets
H4 Passive Humbucking Pickups
H4 Passive Humbucker
EMG H4A Pickups
H4A Pickups with Alnico V Magnets

Jalen Guitar Pickups

In case you haven’t heard, we recently partnered up with Jalen Guitar and are now carrying their one-of-a-kind takes on PAF style humbuckers.

The Origin

Wound to ~9.0kΩ with an alnico 2 magnet and a vintage braided push back hook up lead.

The Pinnacle

Wound to ~14.4kΩ with an alnico 2 magnet and a vintage braided push back hook up lead.

Jalen Pinnacle Guitar Pickups


Hardware may not be the first thing that comes to mind when envisioning your dream guitar; but without the right hardware, the only place your guitar will play is in your dreams.

Hipshot Grip-Lock™ Closed Guitar Tuning Machines - Chrome

Hipshot Tuning Machines

In order to help make sure your guitar doesn’t go out-of-tune in the middle of a set, we offer Hipshot Grip-Lock™ Closed Tuning Machines. Gimenez Guitars carries both Hipshot’s 3×3 version and their 6-Inline version.

Schaller 3D-6 Roller Bridge

Schaller Bridge

We’ve been using the Schaller 3D-6 Roller Bridge since the inception of Gimenez Guitars, and it’s nearly impossible to find another bridge that rivals it in quality and design. This flat mount bridge gives you the ability to adjust height, intonation, and string spacing. The combination of these features leads to Schaller’s incredible tuning and intonation stability.

Tele-Style Bridge with Graph Tech Saddles

We just stated that it’s nearly impossible to find a bridge that rivals the Schaller 3D-6 Roller Bridge. And our Tele-Style Bridge is why we didn’t just say “impossible”. A Tele-Style Bridge on its own is nice, however Gimenez Guitars is one of the only brands to offer the Tele-Style Bridge equipped with Graph Tech’s PS-8002-00 String Saver Saddles.

“String Saver Original saddles are made with a unique combination of materials made to enhance tone and dramatically reduce string breakage. Each saddle is impregnated with Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), the slipperiest substance on earth. The PTFE in String Savers eases the grip between the saddle and string, spreading the stress over a greater portion of the string, just enough to drastically reduce string breakage.”Graph Tech Guitar Labs

Custom Pickguards

You already know that we carry the official Gimenez Guitars Replacement Pickguards. Now Gimenez Guitars also offers fully customizable preloaded/pre-wired pickguards. These plug-and-play pickguards come with equipped with all electronics and your pickups of choice. Rocking out on your Sinner with a set of EMG H1A pickups and suddenly craving the tonality of EMG H4 humbuckers? Our preloaded pickguards make it an easy switch since you won’t have to uninstall and reinstall each individual piece of electronics. Contact us today and we’ll create the exact setup you’ve been looking for.

Gimenez Guitars Replacement Pickguards

Guitar Necks

At Gimenez Guitars, all of our guitar necks are made of sustainably sourced American maple wood. And these precut, predrilled guitar necks are now available for individual purchase. I personally hand-cut, sand and drill every Gimenez Guitar neck in order to ensure the quality of their craftsmanship and durability.

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