Introducing Jalen Guitar Pickups

We’re excited to announce that Jalen Guitar pickups are now available on all of Gimenez Guitars signature models.

Named after his two children, Jagger and Halen, Jalen Guitar is the brainchild of Greg Hessinger.

About Jalen Guitar

Greg Hessinger, owner and founder of Jalen Guitar LLC, began manufacturing custom hand wound guitar pickups in 2015. Based out of Floyd, Virginia, Jalen Guitar has built pickups for musicians from around the world. Some of the noteworthy guitarists using Jalen Guitar pickups include Jeff Duncan of Armored Saint, and Gonzalo Vidal, teacher of jazz fusion at the El Centro Academia de Música in Chile.

Jalen Guitar Logo

“From an early age I wanted to be a guitar player. When it became obvious that despite my best efforts I wasn’t going to make it as a musician, I decided to play to my strengths; building things and understanding the mechanics behind them. If I wasn’t going to be playing on stage, then maybe I could still be a part of the musical experience as a whole.

I’ve since achieved that goal, and I’m incredibly proud to produce pickups that reside in guitars all over the world. Personal service, quality products and customer care are my priorities, and I will continue contributing to the music industry in the best ways I can. – Greg Hessinger, founder of Jalen Guitar LLC

Gimenez Partners with Jalen

Greg Hessinger and I met through a fellow luthier a few years ago, shortly after Greg had launched Jalen Guitar LLC. While bantering on about the best live concerts we’d seen and some of our favorite musicians, it was obvious that we had a musical bond. We’ve kept in touch since then as both Jalen Guitar LLC and Gimenez Guitars continued to grow. Over the past year it became obvious that the next logical step would be giving Gimenez Guitars players the opportunity to experience Jalen guitar pickups for themselves.

Jalen Guitar Pickups

Jalen Guitar’s standard pickups are standout versions of the PAF style humbuckers guitarists are familiar with. Paired with one of Gimenez Guitars signature models, these setups help to achieve that perfect electric guitar tone all guitarists crave.

Jalen Guitar’s signature pickup models include the Origin and the Pinnacle.

The Origin

Wound to ~9.0kΩ with an alnico 2 magnet and a vintage braided push back hook up lead.

Jalen Guitar pickups Origin
Jalen Guitar pickups The Pinnacle

The Pinnacle

Wound to ~14.4kΩ with an alnico 2 magnet and a vintage braided push back hook up lead.

If you’re looking for a completely one-of-a-kind sound, Jalen Guitar also offers custom wiring options.

Contact us to learn more about all the new sounds Gimenez Guitars has to offer.

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