A Conversation with Guy Brogna – Owner of All Music Inc.

All Music Inc., in Plainview, NY, will be celebrating their 35th anniversary on September 22, 2019. Dan Gimenez, owner of Gimenez Guitars, had a chance to interview Guy Brogna to learn more about this milestone event and the evolution of All Music.

All Music Inc.

Dan Gimenez: The 35th anniversary of All Music is coming up, but how did it all start?

Guy Brogna: As a kid, I spent a lot of time at Straub Music which had probably been around since the 1960s. Having a local music shop where I could try out instruments, get introduced to new music, and talk shop with local musicians and music store employees was awesome.

I was still a regular in 1984 when Irwin Natman bought the store and turned it into All Music. At the time I was playing bass and touring with the bands Ludichrist and Scatterbrain. Natman and I quickly struck up a friendship, and I agreed to thank All Music on my bands’ records in exchange for getting my bass guitars professionally set up by the store.

Natman and I maintained our friendship during and after my touring years, and in 2001 he approached me about joining the All Music team. I enthusiastically accepted and was hired as the store manager. Five years later I became partner, and I’ve been thriving here ever since.

Dan: Not everyone reading this has had the chance to experience All Music firsthand yet. Could you give me a walkaround visual of the store?

Guy: All Music is located in the basement of the Plainview Shopping Center, so new customers sometimes have a hard time finding us. When a first-time visitor walks down the metal steps leading to our entrance and opens the door, a gaping mouthed “Oh my God!!” is a common reaction. Greeted by a mesmerizing view of hundreds of guitars, amplifiers and more; it’s like every musician’s dream actualized directly in front of them.

Dan: All Music has clearly evolved over the years. Could you describe some of the changes and updates that have happened since its inception?

Guy: When first starting out, we could only carry a small portion of the types of products we’re able to offer today. As time went on and All Music continued to grow, we expanded our stock while building close relationships with a variety of unique luthiers and music brands. We’ve also broadened the amount of inventory available for school instrument rentals, and have continued to offer music lessons to musicians of all types and experience levels.

Dan: It’s hard to find a music store that sells unique brands. What goes into the decision-making process of choosing the “right” instruments to offer your customers?

Guy: We love being able to offer our customers access to instruments that no one else carries. These instruments must also be top-notch quality. To ensure this, we try them out prior making a purchasing decision. One example is the Gimenez Guitars product line. I’m sure you remember when you first brought in the Gimenez Guitars Sinner. I was able to try it out firsthand and provide you with genuine feedback on how it played. Shortly after this experience we began carrying Gimenez Guitars with confidence; this was an instrument All Music customers would appreciate. We go through a similar process for all new brands being considered.

All Music Owner Guy Brogna with Gimenez Guitars

Dan: What changes/updates/unique offerings can we expect from All Music in the future?

Guy: We currently offer a unique line of guitars built in-house. The All Music Inc. Private Collection has been rapidly evolving, and we’ll soon be offering guitarists a one-of-a-kind experience. We will be putting up a wall containing guitar bodies, necks, hardware etc., and customers will be able to create a fully customized guitar right inside of All Music. This is something our entire team has been working on and looking forward to.

Dan: Are you planning anything special for All Music’s 35th Anniversary?

Guy: On September 22nd we’re holding a huge event in the All Music parking lot. Rock the Lot will feature tons of live music, games, food, raffles and giveaways throughout the day. It’s also free to attend. Rock the Lot is basically a music-themed carnival, so there will be something for people of any age to enjoy. You can learn more about this event on Facebook or our website. Can’t wait to see you there!

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