How Do We Achieve Such Incredible Sustain?

Sustain. We all want it, but how do we get it? Well, Gimenez Guitars may have just cracked part of this code. We can describe our approach to guitar making with two words: “press-fit”. Wherever possible, every component on a Gimenez is press-fit into place before it’s screwed or bolted.

For example, let’s start with our neck. Not only do we have a two-way truss rod and two graphite reinforcement rods in every neck, but we make sure our necks (with glow in the dark side dots) are press-fit into the neck pocket. Once pressed in, you can grab the guitar by the neck and shake it and it won’t come apart. We then use five, not four, 1.5” screws to permanently secure the neck to the body. The result? Increased sustain!

press-fit neck pocket

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We don’t stop at the neck. Our signature barrel-style locking tuners are press-fit to the body. That’s right, the body – where they should be! Again, this approach of press-fitting as many components as possible it what gives Gimenez their incredible sustain.

press-fit tuners
press-fit string ferrules

But wait, we aren’t done. Our unique headstock design utilizes a string-through-the-back design. This requires string ferrules that are – you guessed it – press-fit! Both front and back ferrules are pressed into the headstock requiring several pounds of pressure to achieve.

So, from the neck to the tuners to the string ferrules, if it can be press-fit on a Gimenez, it will be press-fit on a Gimenez!

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