Dan Sheehan Reviews the Gimenez Saint

As many musicians in the NYC and Long Island area have done in over the past few months, local guitarist Dan Sheehan (The Dan Sheehan Conspiracy) recently brought a Gimenez Saint 624B into the studio and put it to the test. The intention was to see if the guitar had the sound he was looking for to make an appearance on his forthcoming CD, Tales From Earth, Inc. The result?

“I was immediately impressed with the guitar’s look, its tonal pallet and its playability.”


Dan Sheehan

In Good Company

Sheehan compared the Saint to such perennial axes as a Les Paul Studio and a Fender Strat – guitars he owns and has played for many years – and the Saint held its own. Dan explains his playing style and the equipment he used during his test. He was very thorough and examined almost every aspect of the guitar, from the choice of pickups to the design of the neck.

“It sounded a bit warmer overall than the Gibson but had comparable sustain.”

You can read the full review on Dan’s website.

Tales From Earth, Inc., a concept album featuring songs dealing with worldwide conditions of despair resulting from corporate and individual greed, is due out later this year and promises to be another great effort by this local veteran. Keep an eye on the official Facebook page for more info as it becomes available.


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