Sitting Down with Gregg Sgar of SYKA

We recently had the privilege of spending some time with lead guitarist Gregg Sgar of local hard-rockers SYKA. You’re probably familiar with their latest release, Stay Wild, the follow-up to their awesome Beautiful Nightmare (both available on Bandcamp and other online retailers).

We got together at the beautiful Five To One Media studio on 25th Street in Manhattan. If you haven’t been to their facility, you are really missing something! Modern, clean, professional… and a slew of services that’ll help you bring your music to the next level.


Gregg, Dan (Gimenez), and I spent well over an hour discussing SYKA’s music, the direction the band is heading in, and what the future may look like. We also talked a lot about the music industry in general, and how challenging it can be. But we have no doubts that the vision and talent Gregg and the other members of SYKA bring to their music will be more than enough to overcome any obstacle.

Look for a lot more from SYKA in the very near future. They are busy at work on new material and what promises to be a mind-blowing new stage show. \m/

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